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Come n Try Day - 23rd March
Championship Rd 1 - 5th April
Championship Rd 2 - 26th April
Championship Rd 3 - 17th May
Championship Rd 4 - 8th June
Championship Rd 5 - 29th June
Championship Rd 6 - 20th July
Championship Rd 7 - 2nd Aug
Championship Rd 8 - 10th Aug
Championship Rd 9 - 13th Sept
Championship Rd 10 - 27th Sept
Championship Rd 11 - 18th Oct
Championship Rd 12 - 25th Oct
14 - 17th August
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Championship Round 2
Darwin Karting Association
Championship Round 1

Date: Saturday, 26th April 2014

Location: Hidden Valley Motorsports Complex | Hidden Valley Kart Track
on Berrimah Road, Berrimah

Scrutineering 2.30pm 3.45pm
Practice (Carby Session) 3.45pm 4:00pm
Racing 4:15pm

Track: 3 Clockwise
Track Distance: 907 x 8 m wide (bitumen surface)

Race Format:
Qualifying- 1 x 4 minutes
Heat 1- 7 laps
Heat 2- 7 laps
Pre Final- 9 laps
Final- 11 laps

Junior National Light
Junior National Heavy
Junior Clubman
Formula JMax
Clubman Light
Clubman Heavy
Clubman Super Heavy
Clubman Over 40
Restricted 125 Light
Restricted 125 Heavy
TAG 125 Light
TAG 125 Heavy

Entry Fee:
$25 Junior Classes
$30 Senior Classes
Close of Entries: Online Entries Wednesday PM prior to Race Meeting
Race Day 3:45pm

Entries will be accepted by either of the following methods:
AKA Online Entries:
a. Log on to your driver information via
b. Click on the licence and entries icon (top left of the screen)
c. Click on the ‘Enter a race meeting’ icon
d. Enter you log on details
e. Under ‘My Details’ functions, choose ‘Pre Enter Race Meeting’
f. Then choose ‘NT’ and finally ‘Darwin Karting Association’
Race Day
Entries will be accepted at the track until 3:00pm

Method of Payment:
Cash or EFTPOS to be paid at the Track complete with Scrutineering Form.

Scrutineering for this race meeting will be as per rule 12.01 of the 2013 AKA Manual. As per rule 1.16 of the AKA Manual, each kart shall have
affixed to it a correct scrutineering sticker or identifying mark supplied for the meeting. This signifies that he driver has confirmed their entry for
the meeting and completed a Scrutineering Form relevant to the entry.

(Refer Rule 22.03)The only fuels to be used at this meeting will be Premium Unleaded per Rule 22.03(3). Random samples of competitor’s fuel
may be taken during the meeting (per 22.02) and tested for conformity to samples taken from the supplier on the day.

Refuelling of Karts and Chain Lubrication:
Refuelling of karts MUST be done in the pit or dirt area with a minimum of fuel spillage.No refuelling or chain lubrication is permitted on the
starting grid, track or bitumen pit area. These products damage the bitumen surface resulting in high maintenance expenses for the club.
Any breach of this rule may result in the driver being penalised at the discretion of the race-day Stewards and/or DKA Club Officials.

Attention of the Competitors is drawn to the following Rules:
Kart Specifications:
As laid down in the 2014 AKA Karting Manual and subsequent addendums.
Transponder Fitting Instructions:
As per rule 25.30 of the AKA Manual.
Rule 1.30 (i) and 1.30 (j) - Engine sealing and chassis tagging
Rule 14.11 - Pit Crew Attire


*food and drinks available at canteen*

20 Apr 2014

2014 Come N Try Day
The inaugural 2014 DKA Come-N-Try / Sign-on Day will be on Sunday, 23 March
2014 between 08:00 am and 11:00 am.

The organisation of the day is being done by other committee members.
I'm not sure of the exact agenda, but based on past events of this type,

1) DKA club members attend for membership sign-on and licence
2) New members attend for membership sign-on and licence payment,
3) Come n Try visitors attend and register - AKA insurance requirements,
4) Those members with karts will provide them to the 'come n try'
participants based on age / class criteria and provide the necessary
instruction and advice.

It's best to get there by 8:00 am as there are AKA restrictions on
Cadets/Rookies, Juniors and Seniors running on the track together.

You just need to bring yourselves. Make sure you've all got sturdy footwear,
with jeans and a long sleeve shirt for the prospective driver.
Helmet, gloves and a suitable kart will be provided.

You'll also need to complete a standard AKA form and waiver document for
insurance purposes. This can be done on the day.

If under 18, a parent or guardian to be present at all times.

Based on age, size/weight, experience and aspirations, this will determine
the class of kart.

In the meantime, jump onto the AKA website and check out some of the videos.
These things will give you insight into
karting at

Also our face book page is!/pages/Darwin-Karting-Association-DKA/478889855551448

We look forward to seeing you and your family.

Kind Regards,

Lorie Stevens
DKA Publicity Officer
0407 263 946

01 Mar 2014

2014 Calender
Hi all, I'm having a little trouble working my way around the webpage! But here is the new calender dates for 2014.
Please note all members are welcome to attend any committee meeting held throughout the year. Lorie.

Sunday, 12 January - DKA Members Club Day
Sunday, 16 February - DKA Members Club Day
Wednesday, 19 February - DKA Committee Meeting
Sunday, 9 March - DKA Members Club Day
Sunday, 23 March - Come-N-Try / Sign-on Day
Saturday, 5 April - DKA Championship Round 1
Sunday, 13 April - DKA Members Club Day
Wednesday, 16 April - DKA Committee Meeting
Saturday, 26 April - DKA Championship Round 2
Sunday, 4 May - DKA Members Club Day
Saturday, 17 May - DKA Championship Round 3
Wednesday, 21 May - DKA Committee Meeting
Sunday, 8 June - DKA Championship Round 4
Sunday, 15 June - DKA Members Club Day
Wednesday, 18 June - DKA Committee Meeting
Friday, 20 June - SKYCITY Triple Crown Darwin 400
Saturday, 21 June - SKYCITY Triple Crown Darwin 400
Sunday, 22 June - SKYCITY Triple Crown Darwin 400
Sunday, 29 June - DKA Championship Round 5
Sunday, 13 July - DKA Members Club Day
Wednesday, 16 July - DKA Committee Meeting
Sunday, 20 July - Championship Round 6
Saturday, 2 August - Championship Round 7
Saturday, 9 August - DKA Members Club Day
Sunday, 10 August - Championship Round 8/Dash4Cash
Thursday, 14 August - Northern Territory Sprint Kart Titles
Friday, 15 August - Northern Territory Sprint Kart Titles
Saturday, 16 August - Northern Territory Sprint Kart Titles
Sunday, 17 August - Northern Territory Sprint Kart Titles
Wednesday, 20 August - DKA Committee Meeting
Saturday, 13 September - DKA Championship Round 9
Wednesday, 17 September - DKA Committee Meeting
Sunday, 21 September - DKA Members Club Day
Saturday, 27 September - Championship Round 10
Saturday, 18 October - DKA Championship Round 11
Wednesday, 22 October - DKA Committee Meeting
Saturday, 25 October - DKA Championship Round 12
Saturday, 8 November - CLOSED TITLES
Sunday, 16 November - DKA Members Club Day
Wednesday, 19 November - DKA Committee Meeting
Sunday, 14 December - DKA Members Club Day
Tuesday, 16 December - DKA Committee Meeting

TBA. TRACKS. AGM & Championship Presentation Dates

To be emailed the Full 2014 Calender,
Please contact Lorie Stevens

15 Feb 2014


Australian Karting Association Ltd Chairman Mick Doohan has announced Kelvin O’Reilly as the governing body’s new Chief Executive Officer today.

Australian Karting Association Ltd Chairman Mick Doohan has announced long-time Australian motorsport administrator Kelvin O’Reilly as the governing body’s new Chief Executive Officer today.

Karting will be the fourth motorsport category for Mr O’Reilly who has held numerous roles within the sporting and corporate arena. His experience covers sporting, administration, technical process and control, governance, marketing and commercial areas within organisations including the Touring Car Entrants Group (TEGA), TOCA Australia (FIA Super Touring), Gold Coast Motor Events and Rally Australia.

The strength and appeal of Karting in Australia was demonstrated by the overwhelming response to the role from local and international candidates.

“We had an incredible response for the new role of Chief Executive Officer with many high caliber applicants and we’re delighted to be able to have Kelvin join Karting as we enter the new era,” said Doohan.

Mr O’Reilly will officially begin his role as CEO of the Australian Karting Association on September 1.

"I'm looking forward to working with the Board and Karting Community to finalise the transition to the new corporate structure and long term direction of Australian Karting,” said O’Reilly.

"In conjunction with the Board of Australian Karting Association Ltd I look forward to being able to assist them and guide Karting as a sport in Australia as both a participation sport in its own right for all ages and as an enhanced 'breeding ground' for our future motorsport Champions.

"I look forward in the first few months to meeting with and working with the people that make Karting tick and to ensuring that the future of Karting in Australia realises the vision that the Board and all of our participants have for the sport.”

The AKA has in excess of 7,000 members with 92 Clubs across the country. The Association sanctions more than 700 race meetings and events annually across all States and Territories.

Mick Doohan, Chairman and Competition Director, is joined on the Australian Karting Association Ltd Board by Bradley Collins (Technical), Melissa Holzberger (Administration), Phill Smith (Finance) and Sam Moreton (Marketing).

For Further Information:
Lee Hanatschek
Media & Marketing Manager
Australian Karting Association
Phone 0403 531 914

20 Aug 2013

Thailand Rotax Invitational - BRYCE FULLWOOD
In his first overseas event, Darwin driver BRYCE FULLWOOD finished second in the Thailand Rotax Invitational at the Bira International Race Circuit in Pattaya, Thailand. He then backed this performance up a day later at the same venue with a victory in the Fourth Round of the Thailand Rotax National Series.

Fullwood, supported at the event by his parents Brad and Kelly along with younger sister Kasey and long-time mentor Graham Powles, started the weekend by qualifying second fastest in the Thailand Rotax Invitational. He continued this form through the heat races and led the way for the majority of the pre-final before finishing second. After a huge downpour delayed the start of the finals, Fullwood lined up on the grid for the final in wet conditions. Unfortunately, Fullwood’s kart set up wasn’t quite right and local driver Veravich Wongsanganan drove away with the win, Fullwood still managed to secure a very credible second place with the rest of the pack quite a fair way back.

The following day in Round Four of the Thailand Rotax National Series Fullwood was determined to go one better, and he did. In the opening few laps of the 14-lap final, Fullwood opened a commanding lead to take the win well clear of Wongsanganan, who was later excluded for a non-confirming carburettor.

Story courtesy CAMS

24 Jul 2013

VIDEO - 2013 CAMS AMSF Elite Driver Development Camp

This week twelve of Australia's most promising drivers including our own Bryce Fullwood gathered at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra to learn about what it takes to be a professional athlete in motor sport.

Aged 13 to 19, they were put to the test in more ways than one.

They all share the dream of making it to the top in motor sport and they all are hoping this intensive week long training camp will help them make that happen.

This is their story.

12 Jul 2013

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