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Buying a kart / second hand karts

There are dedicated karting shops in Darwin.

They will have new and second-hand options for you. 

We don’t recommend that you buy your first kart off websites such as ebay, Gumtree or any other places on the internet. You need to be sure that the kart and engine that you are buying is suitable for your age group and class that you will be looking to compete in.

The following karts are currently for sale by our members. Before you buy you should check what class you or your child can race in as Karting is a regulated motorsport and only certain engines and equipment can be used in certain classes.

Engines used pre 2014 particularly in the Cadet and Junior classes may no longer be suitable for racing. 

Please contact Club Captain Mat Burns on 0439 988 901 should you have any questions about the rules for your class. 

DKA are providing the following information in good faith and make no money from the sale of the below equipment and any agreement will be strictly between the buyer and seller. DKA take no responsibility for sales that do no eventuate, unfulfilled payments or deliveries, or any other dispute between the buyer and seller. 

The following equipment is currently for sale by Skip Hall, and is suitable for Cadet 9 & Cadet 12 (ages 6 -12)


*The following items are sold separately but Skip is willing to do package deals. 

  • 1 x 2021 Parolin 960mm Cadet chassis 7 meetings old.  $3000, fitted 280mm seat

  • 1 x 2019 PCR 900 cadet chassis excellent condition. $2000, fitted 260mm seat.

  • 1 x Power republic ( Dynoed) minirok 60cc engine 2hrs old $3000 5 AU

  • 1 x T H O P ( PCR Aus) Dynoed minirok 60cc Engine 4.5hrs old. 5 AU $3000

  • 1 x Cheater Minirok 60cc engine $2000

  • 1 x brand new Minirok exhaust, Battery, Battery box, loom, & ignition. $500

  • 1 Arai CK6 xs helmet $500

  • 1 Shark xs helmet $200

  • 1 x Alpine stars size 150 cadet suit $150

  • 2 x OMP size 150 cadet suit $150 ea 1 black white, yellow

  • 1 White red black

  • 1 x OMP PCR elite suit Size 150 $500

  • 1 x set AMG Magnesium cadet rims $500

  • 1 x OMP racing boot kids size 4

  • 2 x Kart trolleys $200 ea

​Photos available upon request

The following equipment is currently for sale by Scott Grosser, and is suitable for Cadet 12 (ages 10-12)


*The following items are being sold as a complete package:

  • Praga Piccollo 950mm - Cadet 12, Competitive Kart, Magnesium rims, 40mm rear axle, senior brakes, Excellent condition. 

  • Vortex Mini Rok – Brand new April this year, Dyno’d and tuned by CC Racing. Approx 6hrs track time, Fast motor. 

  • Second Vortex Mini Rok - Complete engine, New screw cap carby, Exhast, Complete wiring harness, Approx 12hs since rebuild/dyno/tuned by CC Racing March last year. 

  • Full set of Aluminium rims. 

  • 2x Spare axles - Soft and Medium (not Pictured) 

  • Spare Fuel Tank. 

  • Spare solid Rear bumper 

  • Spare Three Piece Rear Bumper (Brand new never fitted) 

  • Spare Nose Cone 

  • Spare side Pods (Brand new never fitted) 

  • 3x Spare air filters. 

  • Spare Battery. 

  • Kart Trolley (not pictured) 

  • **Mycron 5 not included in sale.** 

  • $6000.00  

photos available upon request

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