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Racing is back on!!

Round #2 Updates - Supp Regs, Pit Allocations and Race Numbers

Entries are ticking along for our first race back this coming Sunday. A reminder to all that you must pre-enter via CM:S, there will be no entries accepted on the day.

The https://dka.org.au website has been updated and all the links should now work. On the website you'll find:

Round #2 Supp Regs: https://97db6336-f8c2-4b6e-9d0b-ced06045a894.filesusr.com/… 2020 Pit Allocations: https://97db6336-f8c2-4b6e-9d0b-ced06045a894.filesusr.com/… 2020 Race Numbers: https://97db6336-f8c2-4b6e-9d0b-ced06045a894.filesusr.com/… 2020 Calendar: https://97db6336-f8c2-4b6e-9d0b-ced06045a894.filesusr.com/… Any questions please get in contact with Mat Burns

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